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What Factors Really Matter to a Personal Trainer

Ricky Singh 03/02/22

When a new client joins RS Fitness Personal Training Gym Glasgow, they come with many questions, asks and preconceptions about training with a Personal Trainer. An example includes asking to loose fat from a particular area of their body. Some PT’s will say they can absolutely do this, but the reality is that fat loss happens with overall fat being loss, you can’t lose fat from an area that you choose specifically.

With 10 years of experience in working with clients of all ages, typography and with varying injuries and specific requirements I am going to list some of the things that I feel are very important to me as a personal trainer.

The key things I need to know before a client starts training with me are:

*Your goals
*Potential barriers
*Exercise history
*Movement screening

Your goal – my clients goals are always the first priority and making sure we have a clear action plan and strategy of how we achieve them is what I spend my focus and use my to experience to achieve.
Potential barriers – as a coach it’s my job to find out what the limiting factors may be that stand in the way of achieving your desired goal. Once we identify them we have to eliminate them or try to reduce them as much as we can.
Exercise history -it’s important for me to find out a clients previous training history and to know what has and has not worked in the past for them. Training should be enjoyable and with a detailed action plan, I will ensure I include the things you enjoy most – as well as dreaded burpees.
Movement screening – this step is particularly important because when I am planning the first programme I need to know if there are any priority movements I need to focus on e.g. if a client can’t squat with good depth, I would them prescribe some extra mobility homework to help us progress in our squat exercises.

As important as exercise is to overall heath, nutrition plays an even bigger role in leading a healthy lifestyle and this can be one of the hardest elements to get the hang of. I don’t believe in cutting out food groups, or fad diets. The aim is to find a balance between enjoying food but watching what goes in, and making better choices daily that will lead to better outcomes.

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