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Tony Reilly After 

When I started using Ricky for training I was going through a really tough time in my business. I had been to see a few Personal Trainers but wasn’t seeing any benefits. Ricky and his training methods helped me to keep focussed and raise my energy levels immediately – I was sleeping better, approaching my work with renewed vigor and looking forward to training!

Since starting with Ricky I have recommended 32 other people in 3 months, something I have never done with any other instructor. The difference with Ricky is that he gives you more than just that one to one session – his goals are aligned with mine and he wants to see me succeed. He is extremely helpful and informative, especially when it comes to nutritional advice which has completely transformed the way I eat. He genuinely cares about you and what you have set out to achieve and has the drive and discipline to ensure you get there.

— Tony Reilly


The gym and I have never been a good combination so I started off Ricky Singh Personal Training a complete novice and have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Hugely motivational and very thorough helping with nutrition and general well-being as well as fitness. Every session is tailored and varied and pushes you 110%. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “No pain, no gain”. So far, weight loss is at 24lbs (and counting) in just 12 Personal Training sessions with Ricky. What’s the secret? Try a 6am workout on a Monday morning and the rest is history…

— Dervla Carty


Ricky is very professional in his approach to his business and works to a high level of customer service

— Val Russell


Ricky’s value is in re-energising tired, stressed business owners in order that they can contribute fully again to their business. Ricky is strongly results driven and has a real care for his clients. Ricky has changed my life – I have lost 2 stones in weight, reduced my blood pressure to a safe level, feel more energised, feel sharper and more focussed in decision making, feel in less pain. Ricky constantly invests in himself to build his capability that puts him at the forefront of all other trainers in his field. Truly, thee best energy manager in Scotland.

— Jim Henderson

Aidan Mulhern BeforeAidan Mulhern After 

Ive always been a regular gym goer, I was bored of my usual routine, and had started to put on a bit more weight. My goal was to lose my fat and get ripped which is where Ricky came in. Having set me up on a balanced diet with increased protein intake, working with a weight lifting program only, I managed to get into the shape I’m in only 4 months

— Aidan Mulhern

Jane Goldie BeforeJane Goldie After 

Joined “Team Singh ” on August 21st , after being totally  depressed about my yoyo size. “What was my aim ? ” Ricky asked , to be fit and 40!! I had ’til November!!!

I started doing 2 classes then building up to 3 sessions per week, I loved it, great motivation , and I found new friends. Yes, 10 weeks later, I was fit and enjoying every minute, but truly by  Christmas I was where I wanted to be! 17 lbs lighter , and down 2 dress sizes to a size 10!   I have maintained my weight and fitness. Level for the past 6 months! Never felt better!  Thanks Ricky

— Jane Goldie

Kirsty Moohan BeforeKirsty Moohan After 

I was introduced to Ricky Singh by a work colleague and its totally transformed my attitude and thoughts on nutrition and my outlook on life in just 3 weeks…………

I have started numerous diets all my life and lost few pound and stopped, Since meeting Ricky he has changed my thoughts and my out look on life, I no longer hate myself or my body. Before I was unhappy and moaned a lot now I’m a new person Im happier in work, and all round happier person. I’m constantly smiling I feel fantastic and proud of what I’ve done in such a short time, it’s a journey of happiness I look forward to the rest of it

Don’t no where I would be without Ricky in my life.

— Kirsty Moohan

Daniel Grandfield After 


Here is my client Daniel Grandfield

We met 7 weeks ago I met Dan for a consultation and Dan was not happy I thought he was a bit hard on himself, but after going through some of the things Dan was telling me, he just wasn’t sure or clear on what to focus on with regards to exercise, nutrition and mindset. Dan had looked at a few other personal trainers in Glasgow too but decided to train with me after hearing about me and the results I have got for my clients consistently.

After 6 weeks of training here is Dan, hes lost 5.5kg of weight and has lost body fat and has gain lean muscle mass and he is feeling on top of the world.

This might just be a picture but it has a special meaning for me and Dan, he told me this morning that the suit was an aspirational buy just over a year ago, and now 6 weeks after training with me it fits and its fits well.

Dan deserves this He’s put in a lot of hard work with his training and its been a pleasure to help him transform his lifestyle.

I will also get Dan to send me his story but I could not wait to put the pics up because I’m really happy I have had a positive impact on a clients life.

— Daniel Grandfield


I’ve always hated going to the gym and exercising and signed up with Ricky expecting to do my 6 sessions, hate every minute of it and return to my usual sedentary routine. I couldn’t have been more wrong, in 6 sessions I’ve lost a stone in weight and find myself looking forward to my weekly session – something I never thought would happen!

Sessions are always varied which keeps it interesting and Ricky is always keen to answer any questions you have either on exercise or nutrition so you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and what it should achieve.

I can’t recommend Ricky highly enough, if he can motivate me to exercise he can motivate anyone.

— Gary Caldwell

Jane Millar BeforeJane Millar After 

For the past 8 months, Ricky has encouraged me and supported me to exercise on a regular basis. I have met new friends, become more confident, eat healthy and achieved my desirable body weight and shape. I now fit into a size 12 for the first time in 10 years. I had tried other forms of exercise and diets with NO success. I now look forward to exercising with Ricky and the whole experience has been amazing.

— Jane Millar


I came across Ricky’s website and it was by far the best I had l seen and when I seen his testimonials I didn’t look at any other sites and got in touch with him.

We met pretty soon after for a initial chat and I booked in for a free taster session. Ricky took me through the pre assessment and session…from that point I knew he was the trainer for me.

On my 1st real training session I warmed up running up and down 5 flights of stairs, I was exhausted and that was only the warm up.

After my first session I realised not working out for a while had really left me very unfit. I reflected on my goals, I had been really tough on Ricky saying I wanted to lose 1 stone in 4 weeks he never said I could or could not he just said if you give me 110% you could be very close…..BUT I found it difficult having not been exercising for a long time and setting myself a huge goal like that I was setting myself up to fail.

Ricky is not shy about having ‘difficult conversations’ by week 2 he gave me a good talking to, which left me quite shocked. You get used to talking to people and interacting in a certain way, Ricky was very direct in telling me that I was not giving my training 100%. I was letting myself down. His direct approach really helped me focus. I can’t imagine ever being spoken to like that in the past and again it re-affirmed he was the right choice for me.

Training with Ricky though is not cheap, I’m quite strict with my finances and when paying Ricky who charges a lot more than usual personal trainers I never feel short changed or EVER feel he is not worth it he’s probably worth a lot more, he goes the extra mile and more.

I’ve now booked another block to train with Ricky, I knew it was the right thing to do having Ricky in my corner I know I am going to hit my targets because he cares about me and his other clients.

So even thought I leave every session feeling like someone has kicked the Sh$€ out of me (in a good way). He’s really good at what he does and by far the best personal trainer I have come across.

My results do speak for themselves, my skin is alot better and people are telling me I look great and my clothes are all too big for me. I’m taking baby steps but I know with Ricky I’m going to achieve my ultimate goal next year so we will keep you posted.

— Shimila Iqbal

Colin Macarthur BeforeColin Macarthur After 

I started hearing about RICKY SINGH after my boss had been training with him. Everybody in work was talking about him. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about and then I saw the before and after photos, and also a video of Ricky training my boss. I was really interested then I heard Ricky was going to be doing a seminar for our company and I knew I had to be there to meet him and find out more.

So after the seminar our company hired Ricky for some small group training sessions and  they were amazing. After the classes I decided I wanted to work with Ricky 121 and I also wanted my wife to train with Ricky because not only was I getting fitter,  but I was starting to become more positive in work. The training was changing my life and attitudes and I had more confidence and was flying at work. I had always done well at work but with working with Ricky, I took it up a level and I was handling the stress and pressure of being a director for a national company far easier…..this was down to Ricky and his training programmes.

Since working with Ricky had helped me so much, me and my boss decided that we wanted to be with RICKY SINGH full time, and we both see our future training with Ricky. Why would we ever go anywhere else once we have had the best ?

I have had trainers before they have not come close to the level of service, value and results you get from Ricky.

Looking at Ricky as a person, and you can see the level of investment he makes in his business and personal development and you will see why I choose him it’s an investment in you that you will make and you will not regret it.

If you want to transform your life like I have then Ricky Singh is the trainer you need to see.

Thanks Ricky

Colin MacArthur


— Colin Macarthur


Hey my names Pauline and im a 34yr old mother of 3. Over the years I put on loads of weight I’ve tried every diet, joined the gym n tried loads of P.Ts but whatever I lost I would put it back on x2.

This year I wanted something different so I booked in with Ricky. I’ve been training with Ricky since January and he’s fab!!! Started as I needed to lose weight for wedding and in just 7wks i lost 21lb (how good is that lol) since wedding I’ve been training to keep my weight stable but after summer holidays I put on 10lbs DOH!! So started back this week and went on my first outdoor boot camp O.M.G sooooooo hard but good fun and since Monday (3 days) I’ve lost 4lbs so i should be well on my way to skinny Ville soon!!!!!!! I couldn’t recommend Ricky enough he is the best by far.

— Pauline

Lynne Howie After 

When I came across Ricky’s website – I knew there was something different almost instantly. Unlike most who seek a personal trainer, I was already training intensely, eating healthily and doing all I could to improve myself but I had hit a plateau, I wasn’t losing weight or seeing the results I really thought I ought to. I needed support, someone to help ignite that spark to push on with my training.. .and well I couldn’t have found a better person to do exactly that.

Ricky offered a flexible range of products tailored to suit my personal goals and current training regime. His advice and suggestions were second to none. Although I didn’t opt for one to one personal training, Ricky introduced me to the fantastic Bio-signature modulation system. The package included weekly assessments to measure, weight and body fat percentage, at least that’s what I thought I was investing in after our first meeting.  What I didn’t know was just how much my life was about to change.

After an exciting 6 week course with Ricky, my results do all the talking, I dropped from 19.3% to a stable 16.8% body fat, gained 1kg of lean muscle and lost 3 kg of fat mass. Measurements aside, there was an important element of this course that is not only reflected in my positivity now and my newly reformed energy but also the coaching sessions with Ricky. That coaching  element was the way he made me think and feel about myself.  Ricky highlighted that in fact the mind is the most crucial component of an individual’s success and before I met him I had lost confidence in my training, I lacked motivation to achieve my goals because quite honestly I didn’t have any.

Ricky used his experience to spot that  I didn’t need to do more exercise I needed to start believing and investing in myself. This meant writing out goals, planning a strategy and measuring the impressive results. Unlike a lot of other trainers I have come across he was actively interested in my progress, offering professional support throughout the 6 weeks. Our sessions always left me feeling re-energised and focused because I was seeing the results first hand.

All in all, I lost body fat, boosted my confidence and gained a very good friend.  It is this personal touch that makes Ricky different and by far the best the personal training field has to offer.

— Lynne Howie

Darren Kerr BeforeDarren Kerr After 

I had ballooned to 17stone, was lazy, ate hundreds of junk food and had no motivation to exercise or lose weight. I tried running as an exercise, but that didn’t last long as the motivation got lost quite quickly.

My wife was speaking to a Beautician one day and she mentioned, Ricky done Personal Training and maybe I should try one of his classes, if I wanted to keep fit and lose weight. So I emailed Ricky to book into one of his fat loss classes. I turned up to his class and guess what, it was all woman. Done the class and was dying, and I mean dying, I was so unfit it was unbelievable. I was determined to lose the weight and so I didn’t give up after that 1st class, where a lot of people would have. I started off going once a week, then it was twice a week and eventually joined the fat loss group to make it three times a week, it was hard going but Ricky gets you really motivated and helps you achieve your goals. I set my goals for the months ahead and Ricky helped me achieve the goals that I wanted and more. Ricky is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend him to everyone who wants to lose weight and keep fit

— Darren Kerr

Craig McGeown BeforeCraig McGeown After 

— Craig McGeown


I have always been allergic to exercise. But at my age (49) I knew that I needed to start moving a bit more and try to shift the pounds. I had been training for six months with a personal training in Glasgow before arriving on Ricky Singh’s doorstep and I had not lost any weight at all.

To say that Ricky has changed my life, is by no means an exaggeration. He has taught me some tremendous lessons in relation to my diet and what I was eating. I now understand where I was going wrong. The intense workouts ensure the endorphins are flying, and with Ricky encouraging me onwards, I’ve achieved more than which I thought I was capable. Over the weeks I could see my fitness improving.

Measuring the Results 

Ricky introduced me to technology, monitors, apps etc. And this has not just helped me with my sessions with Ricky, this helps me to carry on and exercise myself. I’ve become very focused, determined and driven to achieve more and more because I can measure everything and see it. Ricky has given me all his attention, encouragement and advice in my sessions. He is extremely knowledgeable and very determined to deliver results. Without him, I’d definitely would have given up a long time ago.

But with his help I have managed to lose a substantial amount of weight in a few months, and continue to be focused on ultimately reaching my goals. The best achievement is how good I feel about myself. It really has changed my life – to feel so good about what I’m doing, how I look and how I feel. Thanks Ricky.

— Colette Grufferty


Following on from a friend’s recommendation, I’ve now been working with Ricky for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time, actually within 2 weeks. I was basically lazy and would not have found the motivation to get myself into a fit state without Ricky’s sessions. I’ve tried many gyms in the past but would eventually give up after a few months due to lacking will power and drive.  

Ricky is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. His knowledge on fitness and nutrition is second to none. Through a combination of a healthy balanced diet, and exercise sessions, I started to see results very quickly and have never felt stronger or healthier. Each training session I did was unique and Ricky kept it fresh every time. He provides the right combination of encouragement and pressure to help in getting maximum benefit. I am thoroughly enjoying the sessions and can feel and see the results every week which makes me even more motivated to keep going.

To support the work I was doing with him in person, Ricky also created exercise programs tailored to what equipment I had available to me while working abroad. These programs were very helpful and kept me focused. Ricky would check up on my progress every week, which I thought was a personal touch. In addition if I had any questions about diet or exercise routines he would always make time for you no matter how busy he may be.

Regaining my fitness has helped me overall in work and personal life. I feel better in myself and the weight is continuing to drop off. More importantly I’m more active around my kids. 

If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Ricky will lead you every step of the way.

Thank you Ricky


— Kash Iqbal

KerryAnn McKenzie BeforeKerryAnn McKenzie After 

Ricky has a great knowledge of Fitness and Nutrition. If you struggle with either he can help and can change them accordingly, to make sure the program gets you the results you are wanting. In the Beginning I was embarrassed about Ricky seeing my weight on the scales but he reassures that its only between me and him, this made me feel at ease

— KerryAnn McKenzie


I have found Ricky to be the ideal Personal Trainer for me as he does not treat me with anything other than respect, despite me being overweight and unhealthy. I usually feel inadequate with other Personal Trainers, but not Ricky as others would rush through an hours Training he takes his time and gives a great training session.

Ricky takes his time and is Never clock watching as others would say “thats it you have had your hour, take your money and see you next week, but with Ricky its constant support via texts, facebook and he is very motivational too. He pushes me when I start to tire as he knows my capabilities

— Fiona McClue

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