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How Not to Fail in the Gym this January

Ricky Singh 29/12/21

The New Year is upon us and with January being the busiest time for gyms, here are some tips of how not to fail in the gym this January. This is our advice,

an award winning Personal Training Gym in Glasgow.

Many of us will be planning on getting stuck into our new year’s fitness resolutions but sometimes for newcomers it can be quite daunting. Data has shown that around 50% of people that join a gym in January are apprehensive because they are not as fit us other members, and around 35% scared of using equipment the wrong way.

These fears can easily be solved if you choose to join a personal training gym or by hiring a personal trainer. Either way, we want to share a few steps that can help you so that you don’t fail this January.


Specific – what do you want to achieve?

Measurable – how will you know when it’s achieved?

Attainable – is it in your power to achieve it?

Realistic – can you realistically achieve it?

Time Bound – when exactly do you want to accomplish it?

Have a plan 

If your not too sure on what to do once you have joined the gym or would like to have some accountability there are loads of online offerings that might be good options such as online personal training, however I would recommend a personal training gym or hiring a personal trainer (we can help in Glasgow) to help get you started. Don’t fall in to the trap of not having a plan as the failure to plan will lead to a plan to fail.

Think about your nutrition 

We often give up when it comes to nutrition as its hard to give up the foods we love but we always advise everything in moderation and finding the right balance is the key to sustainable weight loss and improving your health and fitness. Start simply by adding to your diet rather than taking away. 

Add in the following steps every week:

Week 1: drink a minimum 2 litres of water per day

Week 2: Sleep 7-8 hours per night

Week 3: Eat a portion of protein with each meal

These steps will help you get started but if you would like more advice,  please get in touch and we can give you a personalised plan.

Don’t do too much 

Start off slow, if you have not done any exercise for a while start small and slowly increase your training to avoid falling off the wagon or getting injured. The best thing you can do, is make a note of how long you trained or how much weight you lifted per session. This will help you track your progress and show you how far you’ve come in a short while.

Strength Training

Don’t skip weight training! Many of us are scared of the weights section in the gym because we don’t know what to do with the machines and free weights. Get a coach or just ask your gym what you should be doing, if not were happy to send you a FREE 7 day gym plan.

Don’t Give Up 

It wont be easy and you wont get results overnight or in a couple weeks it will take time, but giving up will ensure you never achieve anything be patient the results and success will come. A mantra that has always stuck with us… “show up for your self”.

As an award winning personal training gym in Glasgow, Ricky Singh Personal Training is the best place to your start your fitness journey in Glasgow.

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