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Coronavirus – How Your Body May Cope

Ricky Singh 16/04/20

How to improve your health to protect yourself against Coronavirus

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, Ricky Singh Personal Training Glasgow has had to temporarily shut it doors but our Head Personal Trainer, Ricky is still here to support his community and provide information on how to stay fit during the lock down. It is now even more important than before to look after your health and give it the priority it deserves.

It is widely proven that regular exercise helps boost your immune system so now is the perfect time to continue training if you already do so, or start – as not only will it help you stay fit but will also help bulletproof your body from this deadly disease.

The Power Vitamins

Vitamin C – this has a strong reputation of helping to fight off colds and other respiratory infections so is worthwhile taking daily.

Vitamin D – There are several studies that have concluded that low levels of Vitamin D increases the risk of respiratory infections and more severe symptoms when they develop.

A study conducted in 2012 proved that nearly a billion people worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D. Living in Scotland, we already lack a lot of natural sunlight but with the lockdown imposing staying indoors, it is extremely important that we supplement this with such a beneficial vitamin.

Healing & Resisting

If you have a strong immune system, you should be able to flush through any virus quite easily, provided you take the rest and fluids requested by your Doctor.

When we contract a virus – the health of the body will determine how good the cells can carry blood to heart and how good the blood flow will be. If you are in poor health, it is likely this will weaken the resistance and healing process and may lead to problems in shortness of breath. Not only is exercise important in creating resistance but so is a balanced diet as it will provide you with the essential nutrients to help your body heal.

In a time where you are at home, the urge to bake, binge on fatty foods and overindulge will weaken your nutritional balance, making it harder for your body to kick into action if required.

7 Top Tips to Help Boost your Immune System During COVID-19

  1. Ensure yo get enough sleep and keep to a good routine while we are in lockdown. A good night sleep will rest the body and mind which is very important during a time where feeling anxious is very likely.
  2. Eat more whole planet foods – fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients and anti oxidants will help decrease inflammation.
  3. Eat more healthy fats – again these will boost your immune response. Olive oil is highly anti inflammatory and can help the body fight off harmful diseases which cause an increase in bacteria.
  4. Limit sugar intake – a high sugar intake can lead to inflammation which can lead to increased chances of inflammation
  5. Regular exercise – regular exercise will help support the immune system by giving it a boost. This will also help increase the right hormones to improve your mood.
  6. Stay well hydrated – staying hydrated does not really protect you from germs and viruses but it will help protect you from dehydration, headaches and digestion.
  7. Think positive – by following Government guidelines and staying home you have a better chance of not contracting the virus. You are keeping yourself and your loved ones safe which is a privilege in itself.

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