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Are you eating for Weight Loss or Fat Loss ?

Ricky Singh 08/01/13

Glasgow Personal Training

As my title suggests weight loss and fat loss are totally different, and I’m going to help explain that a little better for you.

You can be exercising and burning calories, losing weight but where the weight and calories are used from may or may not be Fat. Every time we eat our body sends out a signal which may be a fat burning signal or a fat storing signal via hormones, do you ever think why you get so hungry after that hour long run on the treadmill or why you need a plate of pasta after that run ?

To be successful in Weight Loss you have to understand Hormones, and exercise accordingly

Roles Hormones Play 

  • Burn or store fat
  • Remain full or hungry
  • To have or not have Cravings
  • Balanced energy
  • Feelings of fatigue

Hormones even impact mood and motivation to exercise, Now you have to forget about weight loss, This will be very hard but to be successful we have to shift your mindset to a fat loss mindset.

So when eating a Mars Bar compared to a Breast of Chicken, you will get two different reactions in the body, one of the choices will give you sustained energy, keep you fuller for longer and decrease your cravings.

Its going to be a hard shift to change your mindset but my coaching programme can help with that and you have to stop weighing yourself the best way to measure is fat loss with Harpenden Callipers or simply measure with a measuring tape.

5 Tips to help you get started

  1.  Avoid Milk before workouts as it can increase insulin during workouts which can make you burn less energy.
  2.  Ensure you get 7/8 hours of sleep, you may not think but sleep is VITAL for fat loss.
  3. Don’t buy cheap poor quality supplements as they can do more harm than good, Ensure that your Vitamin D level is over 40 ng/ml and supplement your diet with a good quality Fish Oil.
  4. Train to create an Anabolic Response witch increases Growth Hormone (GH) a vital hormone for Fat Loss, also use short rest periods as this also helps GH.
  5. Train with high intensity its not about being in the gym for hours to burn calories, get in get out 30 to 45 minutes is enough to get fat burning hormone response needed to blast fat stores.






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