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You Cant afford Not to Exercise – Glasgow Personal Training

Ricky Singh 11/04/13


“Working out will improve not only your waistline, but your bottom line too”

As a business owner from CEO, MD and director levels you probably find yourself fighting the balancing act everyday with customers, marketing, employees, and business development, let alone family, friends, and personal stuff.

With all this responsibility, you find it impossible to fit in time to train?

Of course you do and you are not alone, many business people want to exercise, but it ends up low on the priority list, after business, family, and all the daily activities that need to be done. The irony of this all-too-common scenario is that regular exercise can provide the business owner with benefits you may have never imagined. Working out will improve not only your waistline, but your bottom line as well!

Being Alone

Get some down time don’t be afraid to tell your partner you need to be alone it will help you and your relationship. A bit of down time for yourself can restore you of much needed extra energy to give to your business. Its going to be hard to say No once in a while, its not bad if you say No, you need to be a little selfish in business you need to ensure that you are taking care of yourself and not running yourself ragged. Even take a day where you do nothing and you completely fully rest and do something you enjoy for me I love going to Starbucks and just doing some work, but I really enjoy the atmosphere and surroundings its a get away for me :) I find it refreshing and completely rejuvenating.

Exercise and Stress

Business people are always heavily exposed from a hormonal perspective just analyse the results you get from a clients umbilical Biosignature reading, I find most of the business clients that train with me usually have high unbiblical reading due to long term exposure to the stress hormone cortisol. I always say to clients physical stress is exactly the same a work or business stress and if I can help increase your physical training threshold then I’m 100% I’m going to increase your tolerance to any stress whether it be work, family or emotional you will be able to tolerate more stress just by being FIT.

Energy to Last All Day

Exercising regular can give you the mental and physical energy to meet the challenges of running your day to day business. The fact is, expending energy through physical activity creates more energy a bit like the ripple effect. Most of my business clients find they are more productive and focused on the days that they exercise. They also end up moving around more during the day, burning more calories without even scheduling cardio sessions.

The long and erratic schedule of business people requires the energy to deal with customer demands, emergencies, and the unexpected, sometimes long into the evening, all with the enthusiasm and clarity you would give it first thing in the morning. Effective, consistent exercise can give you that needed energy.

Make Exercise Your “Business Development” Time

When you think you are taking time away from work to exercise, look at exercise as business development time, especially when those solutions aren’t coming while you are stuck at your desk.

By stepping away from business, having some alone time and increasing your metabolism and circulation, solutions to problems will come to you, and new creative ideas will develop. Go for a quick walk, walk up and down some stairs, and wait for the ideas to flow!

Exercise and Multitasking

When you really need a reason to stop working and go exercise, don’t forget your books. How much reading do you have to catch up on? Knowing you can keep up with industry news, continuing education or self-improvement reading can be a great motivator. Just grab your books and a cardio machine and you are ready to go!

Whatever reason you can find to make exercise a priority, just know it will ultimately lead to more time, energy and money, which is healthy for any business. If you would like to know more about my transformation programme or my fitness4business seminars please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for more information I’m happy to help :)


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