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What sets me apart

Ricky Singh 31/12/13


Over the last few years since I entered the fitness industry back in 2004, I have seen lots of changes and over the last year or 2, which has enabled me to design my own system that I customise for specially for clients I train.

I am asked quite a lot to describe what I do or how do I describe what I do to potential clients as I am not just a Personal Trainer, there are loads of personal trainers out there and the industry has lots of new trainers entering all the time, However its an industry that is often dominated by Price. Its not usually the case of the cheapest trainer is the busiest trainer, well not in my case.

“good stuff isn’t cheap” Tony Reilly.

Tony was right good stuff does not come cheap, but being expensive to be expensive is wrong and if trainers do do that then they will find themselves with very few clients.

When you expensive and your setting yourself apart from a crowded industry it can be very difficult and a little scary as it takes a lot of guts to ask for more. I use my pricing and packaging as a positioning piece and another way to show how im different I don’t sell my time a sell a package that gets the client the result they desire, and I do this by specialised programmes I design and by adding loads of value, value, value and more value.

I always want to add to a clients life, never have I ever been questioned on my programs or packages, I set out to be Number 1 and thats where I aim to stay.

  • So what sets me apart from the crowded bunch of trainers out there I assess everything. I use Assessments before I start any client, I always carry out several assessments and I find out exactly what stage a client is at before I begin a training program with them. I will also have the prospect client fill out several questionnaires which evaluate areas such as Health, Fitness Lifestyle, Metabolism, Sleep and Stress.
  • I don’t just get you looking good…sorry I guarantee I will change your life.  I re-energise clients, help reduce the amount of stress in their life  and improve there whole lifestyle this is far more important to me, but I do give the client what they want if they want to just have a absolute smashing workout and hit 1000 calories then thats what I set out to deliver, if they want something else then I am to deliver I give my clients what they want and I mix it in with what they need too.
  • Making sure we don’t sweat the small stuff, I often hear how other trainers in the past have turned up late for sessions with client this is absolute disgraceful I would never do that to any client unless an emergency and for that I have a rule if I’m ever late for a session I give a FREE session for the inconvenience. Every session, fitness test, assessment is logged and kept in a clients personal file which is then securely kept in a locked filing cabinet, I take nothing to chance I track every little detail, olympic coaches track everything and I also do that, its not easy clients can be tough as getting a food diary back from a client can be difficult but I always ensure that everything my end is up to the olympic coaching standards
  • I have implemented some highly regarded tools and methods of training into my business, Anatomy in Motion and the world renown Biosignature Assessment by Charles Poliquin, every client is assessed with a 3D movement protocol I use and hormone profile biosignature which are monitored reguarly . I also have studied on internships with Mark Coles, and attended workshops and seminars with Phil Learney and Metabolic Effect.
  • I am committed to becoming the BEST, I really am passionate about helping people and my aim is to become the best at what I do in my industry, I’m not being big headed I know it will take 10.000 hours to mastery and I’m on my way, I’m committed to learning and my own personal development along the way too, I want to get better and better. 
  • Client Service is world class…Exactly what it says, the client service I deliver to my clients is the best and I mean that I take away all the stress that you can possibly think of. I take care of everything Pre/Post workout nutrition, Protein, Supplement service all supplements needed are available when necessary for clients, training plans, nutrition plans you name it we do it.


For me its not just about money and cashing in at the end of the week and counting how many sessions I did…I really want to help people.

I’m here for the long haul I’m all about being remarkable for helping people transform their lives and I’m building my Personal Training business to be a World Class Facility and to be one of the best at what I do. So be assured when choosing a Personal Trainer in 2014 in choosing me you will be choosing a trainer with a different approach where its all about the client, I don’t care how I look in the mirror for me its how you feel and live your life and I make that BETTER.



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