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Training Principles for Success

Ricky Singh 05/04/13



The Key to success in any training programme is Consistency, success is the accumulation of the small things you do every single day. A few good days of training hard followed by a few bad days of eating rubbish and no training does not equal a net gain of the few good days you just cancelled out the good days with the bad days, with hormones your going to go backwards far more significantly. Every single day, meal, macronutrient, calorie, hour of sleep all count big time.


Looking at the time you spend in the gym roughly 3 – 4 hours, so when training you should be giving it everything you have got, sitting watching TV, or texting on the bike is not good enough, I mean it leave nothing on the gym floor…go hard or go home. Every session in the gym should be completed knowing you gave it everything you had, you should be exhausted but delighted with your achievement.

Listening to your Body

For any training and nutritional programme to work, your body has to be in tune, the greater in tune your body is the greater the chance of success you will have. You need to be able to listen when you feel flat and drained you need to Rest and Recover be honest we all need to rest and your no different, you will only do more harm than good. You will need to know and distinguish the difference between mental and physical fatigue.


Tracking will help you stay motivated, tracking is an absolute Must…Photos, Measurements, Sleep, Stress and Body Composition logs should be taken and are a must. You should also track your weight training in a journal or you wont be able to ensure you push for improved performance in every session. A detailed food diary is also a must, knowing how certain foods make you feel is very important. Unless you keep track its so easy to get down and take things for granted or feel sorry for yourself because you cant lift heavy r you feel like crap…keep it all logged in a journal or diary and know exactly why you feel the way you do or cant lift as heavy as you would like.

Goal Setting 

You will need to know your goal and be realistic about it, having a goal to drop body fat and only training 4 times a week thinking you can eat whatever you like…think again. When attending any training programme with the aim of fat loss you need to be committed training has to a certain extent become one of your top priorities in your life if not your just going to be all over the place feeling crap and poor me syndrome kicks in, But you have not tracked anything, you don’t know why you feel the way you do or you cant lift as heavy as you would like to….well did you keep a journal ?

Sort out your life 

If you want the best body then you are going to have to make sacrifices, this means giving up nights in the pub, takeaways and working all through the night depriving yourself of sleep. You will have to prioritise what is more important to you. You really need to know why you want the body you do and be prepared to give things up and prioritise your life around the most important things.

Drop the ego its not a Competition

Effective weight training is not about lifting the heaviest dumbbells in the gym. Weights are only the tools you need to remember correct technique and tempo to correctly stimulate the muscle fibre. Always remember your not lifting to impress anyone you are lifting to build muscle the most effective way possible and tempo, technique, reps, sets are far more important that how heavy you lift.


Its going to hard I’m not going to lie you will probably hate the process, but your going to love the Results if your not getting the results then you need to ask yourself why are you not ? I will guarantee you that issues will pop up and try to derail your progress e.g. work, family, friends, relationships these will all get in the way of training and affect you but you will have to carry on with training and don’t fall into a trap of feeling sorry for yourself I have been there no one cares do what you have to do to overcome the obstacles. You have to find and make time, stick to the diet if you only have time at 5am to train then make time to train at that time or if your free in the evening then make time to train in the evening but either way try and get it done.


Sleep is not a luxury or something lazy people do a lot of, its an absolute necessity when training and trying to lose fat. Poor sleep quality will lead to lowered testosterone and growth hormone levels as well as messing up your blood sugar levels. you really need to be aiming for 7/8 hours minimum of sleep each and every night. Your bedroom should be for sleeping not emailing, working, answering call and texts, no lights or TV should be on. Research has shown that even wi-fi and radiation from phones and tablets can affect your sleep quality. If you need ear plugs get them or even if you need supplements to help do that as there is no substitute for poor sleep.


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