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What Qualifications does your trainer have ?

Ricky Singh 05/12/12

To become an elite personal trainer takes hard work – even more work than my clients put in during a session! In 2007, I became qualified with my HNC/D Sport Science Qualification from college but that was just the beginning.

I have always wanted to be a personal trainer who knew it all so that I could pass on the best information to my clients. However, I quickly learned that you never know it all as you have to continually develop yourself and pursue that path to the top. It simply doesn’t end when you leave University with an Honours degree.

When I left University, I looked at other instructors and personal trainers around Glasgow and thought ‘BOOM’ I’ve made it as I’m more qualified than a lot of these guys! Then I stumbled upon research, science and studies into the latest body nutrition and muscle recovery times. I thought that had all been left behind at University!

That original goal about wanting to be the best personal trainer with the most up to date knowledge to help my clients had never changed but it meant that I had to keep learning. I wanted to be indispensible to the people I work with and become known as the man to train with in Glasgow!

I have always been passionate about getting results, whether that is in my personal life or helping clients achieve their goals. I had been told about a guy Mark Coles ( and checked out his website. What I saw in terms of training and body transformations blew my mind and I knew that was what I wanted to for my clients.

I got in touch with Mark and, before I knew it, I was in Newark getting coached and tortured through personal training sessions with the man himself. I loved it every minute!

Since then I have continued to learn and become more valuable to clients. I don’t get put off by the price of raining courses as you can’t put a value on knowing more than other trainers out there.

I do take calculated risks where I always look at the return I will get from my investment. To me the best money I have ever spent is on ME, the best investment you will ever make is by investing in yourself, and by making yourself more valuable to your clients.

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