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September 2016 AOM Mentorship

Ricky Singh 05/10/16


The September AOM membership was the penultimate of this year, and came after a 2-month break, coming back from my wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. I must admit, it was great to get back into training and of course learning new things to bring back to RS Fitness.

I am really enjoying the whole mentorship experience, and although it comes with a close to 12-hour trek to the city of Bath, when I arrive, my week is behind me and I know it’s time to soak up knowledge, ideas and new techniques. Sometimes I’m the only trainer from Scotland attending, and I know that everything I learn is bringing unique and dynamic changes to RS Fitness and allows me and my team to continue changing the horizon of personal training and group training in Glasgow, Scotland.

Last weekend was probably one of the best in terms of learning as I gathered so much usable content. The first thing was the zurkaneh training methods, during which I had to press odd shaped shields each weighing 17.5kg – see my facebook page for some great videos. Thereafter we included some stretch and sculpt practical’s which I hope to implement in our classes next year. These methods alone have given me great scope to expand in 2017.

Personally, I learned more about class structure and how important body development is in overall fitness terms. This will be the future structure for RS Fitness, which means all classes will be different, allowing clients better recovery periods and obviously more variety with training!

As you will know, Body Development and RS Fitness boasts the InBody 370 scanner, which you won’t find in any other  gyms in Glasgow or Scotland offering this type bespoke service. I was taught more about each line of data and the impact reading can have on a client’s fat loss and impact on their weight by mentor Tom Crudgington and his team.

If you want the most accurate Body Composition analysis avaiable, then contact me for your InBody scan.

With the last mentorship programme looming in October, I have been reflecting on the multitude of new things I learned and gained throughout 2016. Next month will see our group finish the 2016 AOM Mentorship programme and will give all the attendees of 2016 the green light to apply for level 2 next year.

One thing I took away from my years at university was that ‘learning and education will bring the opportunity to make a difference’ and the mentorship programme such as AOM provide me with the edge, allowing me not only to further develop and grow RS Fitness but its given my the fire in my belly to start training and pushing my fitness limits which is one of the many things I love about the Body Development Gym and the AOM Mentorship.

Look out for my November blog and of course, should you have any questions then email or call me.

Thanks for reading.

Ricky Singh

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