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Ricky Singh – My Biography

Ricky Singh 09/08/13

Personal Trainer Glasgow

I was born on 23rd November 1986 in a town in Kent called Gravesend, and moved to Scotland when I was 12 years old. I started in P5 at Annick Primary School.

I was raised by my single mum and all of her family. My uncle Gug has been the biggest influence on my life and is a person I look up to. I spent all my secondary school years after school working in the shop with him and it was a great  way to learn business and entrepreneurship and how to work hard, as we don’t really get taught that at school, college or University.

I was brought up with Ronnie and Danny, who are like brothers to me. They are my uncles 2 sons but my uncle treated me like a son, so Ronnie and Danny are brothers in my eyes. The 3 of us immersed ourselves into boxing. I think that what we achieved was OK, but we could have achieved more. My best memories are probably Danny boxing in Hungary in 2007 and Ronnie boxing in Sweden in 2010 and his amazing Gold medal in the Haringey Box Cup.  I don’t think I have fulfilled my potential as a boxer yet, so it is my intention to give it one more shot. I know I’m a different person from the young kid I was a few years ago, and have learned a great deal which will help me.

A big night for the 3 of us was the Western District Finals when all 3 of us were boxing back in 2009. I think we made history as the first set of 3 brothers to make the finals. That was great, but it was also the start of my injury hell as I was out for nearly 2 and half years with hand trouble. So I decided to put my head in the books and get my degree I knew one day I would be boxing again and that time will be later this year.

I graduated from University with a BSc Honours Degree in Exercise and Health Science, which was very impressive, as I left school with no higher grades at all. I went to University via College and had started doing an accounting course, but realised that sitting all day at a desk simply wasn’t me. So I decided to swap courses and switched to Sport and Exercise Science and I was awarded a Merit while at college which was amazing. The geek from college was no longer the geek at university, and the aim at University was to pass and make sure I never had to take any resits. Not only did I not take any resits but I managed to  go the full way to my honors degree.

Once I left University, I decided I had to transform my life so I started a company called Team Singh Personal Fitness Training. I was doing fitness classes and bootcamps in Ayrshire, and within a few months I was starting to get really busy and I was loving it. I was having a great time making some  money, but started thinking of ways to make the business bigger and better.

I have found I do get bored and if I don’t set goals and challenge myself, I just coast my way through life which is not great. I work best when I am under a little pressure and life needs me to act and produce some results, So I do set some big goals  – the bigger the better – what’s the worst thing that can happen ? If I don’t achieve first time, I simply get up and try again…That’s me  – I’m not a quitter and if I get hit I just get back up and keep fighting. There have been many significant events in my life, but they have not stopped me or killed me and I honestly believe there is nothing out there that can stop us if we fully focus our minds and our energy on chasing our goals.

My goals were gradually changing. Once it was to be the best trainer in Ayrshire, and that became the goal to be the best in Scotland and be known all over the world. Once I had started my journey I met Jim Henderson from Shirlaws Business Coaching and it is fair to say Jim has had a massive impact on me. If you have a business and you’re  not sure what to do or where it’s going you need to see JIM :)

Jim really helped me change my mindset about all the business stuff. He was brilliant because at the end of the day I was just a passionate boy doing what I loved. Despite learning so much from my Uncle Gug, I never fully understood all the business stuff lol. So Jim helped me with a lot and I will always remember what he has done for me and my business. Jim now is also a client of mine as well as my business coach, friend and mentor

I started working in Glasgow just over a year ago working from Hillhead Sports Club. It was tough trying to build and establish myself in Glasgow and it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.  While working from Hillhead I was contacted by a guy called Tony Reilly, I never knew who this guy was or that he was going to have such an impact on my business and my life. Tony contacted me to lose weight after seeing a poster of mine. I laugh about it now but the way me and Tony crossed is a story in itself, I will let him tell you that :) . So I started working with Tony and he loved what I did and so he started helping me with my business and Tony referred me 32 clients (WOW !!!) and he helped me a lot in my business, which I’m very grateful for and will be till the day I die as without his help I would not be where I am today, but everything happens for a reason and I believe that what’s for you wont go by you.

Tony now is one of my Full Time clients along with Colin MacArthur who are both mentors, coaches and friends.

In July 2013, I opened my first Personal Training Studio in Glasgow City Centre, and it’s tough but to get to the top is never easy, and if you want anything in life you have to go out there and work very hard for it. The studio in Glasgow is based in the heart of the Business District, and my current goal is to be most trusted name in health and fitness in Scotland.

My approach to health and fitness is keeping things simple by providing straight forward solutions to problems. My industry is constantly changing, and new ideas come along frequently, but I feel the basics have not changed much. I also believe as a trainer you have to put your own individuality and personality into your work and that’s what I have done with my unique system I use with my clients which is getting my clients fantastic results in a fun, fast and simple way which clients love.

My goal now is to make the Glasgow studio one of the best in Scotland, and I will also open a studio in Kilmarnock, although that will be next year. I am also looking into establishing fitness and mindset retreats in destinations all over the world which I think will be a lot of fun……both for me and my clients. 

7 reasons why you should work with me

  • I will inspire you to re-energise and transform your life.
  • My comprehensive performance programme helps optimise fat loss, re-energise your body and dissolve the stresses in your life.
  • I provide personal performance and energy programmes for elite business men and women, helping them to achieve more in both their personal lives and their business lives.
  • I can help anyone that is passionate about transforming their life.
  • I use several unique programmes and individualised assessments to help my clients to be the best version of themselves.
  • I am really passionate about helping you and will do whatever it takes to help you transform your life and your body.
  • With your desire, and my passion, there is nothing we can’t achieve


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