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Ricky Singh 13/11/13


I have been thinking recently that we often tend to or know someone that quits or throws in the towel too soon. How many people do we really know or could we speak and confidently say that he or she never quits ???

Not many even myself.

I see and hear about far too many people quitting or giving up too soon, I find it hard to be compassionate about quitting sometimes you have to quit you have no option but sometimes you quit because you’re just be honest

…being LAZY.

I know from experience that I don’t and will never quit, even the thought of never boxing again through injury sent me into a depressive state. I have found that time does heal anything if its damaged or broken, but that does not mean it’s ok to be lazy – you have to go out there and take life by the scruff of the neck because you don’t get no 2nd chance.

So next time you think of quitting, I want you to ask yourself :

Is it I am not good enough or am I just being lazy.

Go out fighting not sitting on a stool 

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