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HIIT Classes

the best, most challenging and fun classes in Glasgow


Have you been to group fitness classes at a regular gym ?

With over 6 years experience industry and continued education and personal development our HIIT and Conditioning classes will ensure you get RESULTS, thats why we have the BEST HIIT classes in town,

We know how to design safe and effective classes for all fitness levels and ensure that everyone gets an effective workout.

So our classes are nothing like the boring same old routines that other gyms offer. Our group training classes are the ultimate fitness experience, with loads of fun, hard work and the winning fat loss formula.

All our classes are excellent for anyone looking for fat/weight loss and anyone just looking for a real fitness challenge.

Every 4 weeks we serve up a new training routine for our group classes, we continually monitor our classes to ensure we make the very best of your time training with us. We help by pushing you and continuously monitoring your fitness to make sure you avoid plateaus and promote continuous on going results.

Classes are highly personalised and provide you with a chance to push yourself safely and effectively towards your personal goals. Plus we are obsessed with ensuring you make new friends every time you train, so you leave each class with new connections

You wont find another fitness experience or the level of customer community anywhere in Glasgow.
Choose from the following classes 
FIT – Focused interval training using just bodyweight to ensure maximum fat loss and conditioning.

FIT Strength – is a strength based class using the 30/30 principle which utilises various equipment.

Super FIT – More advanced super charged version of our FIT and FIT Strength classes.

MET CON – Metabolic conditioning class that will fine tune your metabolism to maximise fat loss.

Upper Lower Weights – Our Upper Lower weights class is a classic weight training mythology based around Upper and Lower conditioning.

Punch Out – Is the BD boxing class structure that is phenomenal for fat loss and learning the true art of boxing skills.




1st Class is Always on us so come and see why our classes are the best in town.

Pay as you go £12.50 option (we don’t recommend this option)

30 Day Trial – £60

Memberships (30 day monthly rolling contract)

8 sessions per month £75 or 12 sessions per month £100

Class Packs

Fast 5 for £55

Perfect 10 for £100

20s Plenty for £160

Our clients receive a 50% off all Inbody Composition scanning saving £10 per scan and we recommend scanning 1 x per month.

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Personal training is carried out in the excellent facilities at The Sinclair Building, 18-20 Eagle Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9XA.

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