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5 Day Intensive Fat Loss Bootcamp

5 day bootcamp that will help you get on track with your fat loss



Join our 5 day Intensive Fat Loss Bootcamp.

You will train Monday to Friday where you will be training early morning, afternoon and late evening to ensure we maximise fat loss. You will be asked to complete 5 hours or Walking or Yoga during the week also.

You will be given exact guidelines of what to eat for the full week and you will be given supplements such as Fish Oils, L’Carnatine and more these will to help achieve the best results possible.

Your Nutrition will be tracked every day and you will have exact calorie targets that you must stick too, you will have your body composition measured on the first morning and the last morning.

Private 1 on 1 Bootcamp – £900.00

Buddy 2 on 1 Bootcamp – £600.00 per person

Group 4 on 1 Bootcamp – £300.00 per person





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Personal training is carried out in the excellent facilities at The Sinclair Building, 18-20 Eagle Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9XA.

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