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Personal Training Glasgow

Ricky Singh 07/03/13


Personal Training in Glasgow has been taken to a new level

Welcome to Elite Personal Training in Glasgow a service and experience thats worthy of Number 1, when choosing a Personal Trainer in Glasgow there are thousands of trainers to choose form, your first stop will be google when you either search for

“Personal Trainer Glasgow” or “Personal Training Glasgow”

This is all very good as your going to probably train with someone who is on the 1st page of google, but dont let this be the only reason.

Google ranks websites on the content and words that are commonly searched for in their google search engine, On the 1st page or some of the trainers you see on the 1st page may be paying huge amounts of money to be on that 1st page by using SEO specialists, to me thats wrong yes you want to be busy and its great to be number 1 on google, but its like buying first place.

So being on 1st page on google does not mean your number 1 personal trainer, its just means you have good SEO and are spending a lot of money on it. Im different I would rather invest that money on helping my clients.

So to finish being on 1st page of google or number 1 on google rankings does not mean your the number 1 trainer you still have a lot of hard work in getting prospect clients to clients.



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