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Ricky Singh Personal Training Glasgow One Day Intensive Bootcamp

Ricky Singh 10/03/19

One Day Intensive Bootcamp Glasgow

What is it?

Our 1 Day Intensive Bootcamp has become very popular over the last six months and we feel it’s important that you know what the day will include and what you may be likely to achieve during your training sessions. Firstly, the day includes 4 bespoke training sessions that range in HIIT, upper and lower weight training with the bootcamp finishing in a group conditioning session.

Sessions will last from 40 to 50 minutes each and your Personal Trainer, Ricky Singh will train you on how to use specific machines and how to perform all exercises properly to ensure you burn the maximum number of calories throughout the day. You will be offered pre-workout drinks as well as protein smoothies and snacks throughout the sessions.

How do we do it?

We limit the group to a maximum of 12 individuals per camp. This allows us to help any clients that need specific training on technique or if anyone requires advice on workouts. We also offer a diet support Q&A as we tend to that clients usually have the similar questions and are usually stuck at some stage of their fitness journey. We offer this bootcamp as a way of showing that clients can achieve anything because let’s be honest, a 4-hour bootcamp doesn’t sound all that appealing and you would normally think ‘I can’t do this or no – that would kill me”.

We aim to provide safe and effective training, that can be done for 4 hours or more – you just need to be in the right environment and have a Personal Trainer who has experience of these sessions themselves – which Ricky does. Once clients have completed their first bootcamp, many have gone on to fulfil their entire fitness goals and aspirations, therefore the mental benefit and breakthrough rates are hugely inspiring.

Why do we do it?

We offer the 4-hour intensive bootcamp as we know what benefits come from this type of activity, both mentally and physically. We know that our client’s levels of confidence and belief usually sky rocket after completion because it is a huge achievement.

You can our one day intensive bootcamp in Glasgow whether you are someone who regularly goes to the gym or if you want to kick start your fitness regime. Ricky is there to offer you support, give you hints and tips and help you burn up to 3,500 calories throughout the day.

Should you wish to find out more about our bespoke personal training packages then you can email or call 07725 9880144.

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