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Top Tips when looking for a Personal Trainer in Glasgow

Ricky Singh 09/03/13

My Top Tips when hiring a personal trainer

1. Do some solid research google them see what google says about them as Penny Power the social media guru says “whatever google says about you is true” so if you google Ricky Singh Personal Training you will find lots of press regarding my boxing career in papers and interviews I have done which is all good stuff :)

2. Meet the trainer all trainers offer a FREE Consultation where you get to go have a chat and coffee with them, this is great because it lets you get a feel for whether he or she is the right trainer for you.

3. Education and Development, what courses have they done and when was the last time they invested in themselves ? Its all good being a trainer but your also a business investing in your courses is crucial. I have spent thousands on my development and education, but my clients know that when they train with me there is that added re assurance they are safe and im up to date with me studying and development, its easy to charge money but trainers need to invest to be the best.

4. What Testimonials do they have ? What Assessment process do they have do they have a system with proven results ? Whats their personality like ? Are they fit ? Do they walk the walk ?

Many Trainers are not walking the walk they dont train that hard themselves, they dont invest in themselves, many are not that passionate about the industry and don’t really value being a personal trainer they just do it because they did not like doing something else I’m really really passionate personal training and my goal is to help serve clients that look for a high level of expertise and personal training, I aim to solve clients problems and become a “problem solver” and add real value to their lives.

5. When training with a personal trainer cost is a huge obstacle because you think you will be training with the trainer forever and it will take ages to see the results, really you should see great results training 3 to 4 times a week in about 3 to 4 months or sooner, so you should not be expecting to have a personal trainer for a long period of time unless you really enjoy the experience and you have achieved your results, I say achieved your results because you personal trainer really has to deliver the goods and get you the results you want.

A top level personal trainer in Glasgow you should look to pay around £50 a session maybe even £60 depending on their education and development, I know trainers charging from £30 to £45 which is average of which you would expect to pay, I myself charge between £50 to £60 depending on the package and number of sessions per week a client needs to train, I also know another trainer in Glasgow thats charging £60 which is great as trainers that charge top prices means we really need to deliver we cant charge premium and stand and watch clients run on a treadmill.

I believe there is nothing wrong with charging more because it shows that I really value my time, education. I believe in my results and what I bring to my clients lives is worthy of a professional fee and I specialise in 1 thing and I have studied with Charles Poliquin, Mark Coles, Phil Learney, Nick Mitchell and I have been on mentorships and courses all over the world”


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