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Online Coaching Program

Ricky Singh 18/05/15

Don’t be someone who runs miles on a treadmill or sweats buckets on a crosstrainer and wonders why they still can’t fit in that pair of jeans.

Training on your own will only get you so far.

To get the long lasting results you want, it’s essential your programme includes an element of coaching.

Your body gets used to your workout and unless you regularly mix things up and re-set your goals the impact will diminish.


What’s Covered In The Coaching Programme…

  • Body fat and measurements taken
  • Before and After Pictures (optional)
  • Personality analysis
  • Inside 80 Indicator
  • Metabolic Type Questionnaire
  • Food diary analysis
  • Advice on supplements
  • Fat Loss ebook
  • Text and email support
  • Access to our online training community
  • Step by step lifestyle strategies
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