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Nutrition Hacks to Help Kick Start Your Weight Loss

Ricky Singh 15/02/19

Nutritional Hacks

There are many food fads, trends and gimmicks that make amazing claims to shed X amount of weight in Y in a certain amount of time. I have over 8 years of experience in Personal Training in Glasgow and I believe that these trends rarely work.

Below is a list of quick hacks that I would recommend undertaking if you are looking at way of kick starting your weight loss.


1. Drinking water before your meals – drinking water before meals has shown to help create a full sensation which therefore limits the food you actually eat and stops you from over eating.

2. Protein Shakes and Bars as snacks are a great way to limit cravings and build lean tissue. Protein helps keep the body fuller for longer and muscles are better able to utilise protein when it comes in smaller doses throughout the day. These factors alone make protein snacks a great choice for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacking.

3. Eggs for breakfast have shown to be hugely beneficial. Studies have found that people who eat higher protein calories for breakfast actually eat fewer protein calories on a daily basis. The bonus with eggs is that the choline rich yolks help acetylcholine production which helps activate muscle tissue.

4. Know when to eat your fruits – the ripeness of your fruits can change the actual benefits. Bananas that are green (less ripe) means there will be less sugar consumed. As the fruit ripens (becomes more yellow), it becomes sweeter because the sugars have continued to develop. If you are in need of a boost before exercise or training choose a yellow banana, or if you’re feeling alright but are looking for sustained sugar release go for a green/yellow banana.

5. Prep your pasta. Some research is showing that cooking, cooling and then reheating pasta makes it less likely to affect your blood sugar levels. This is good for athletes looking to eat more carbohydrates without having to worry about increased cravings or energy crashes.

6. Fasting for 12- 16 hours may actually be good for the body. Recent research shows that it can help regulate your hunger hormones, blood glucose and natural circadian rhythms. Try limiting your intake to an 8-hour window and aim to consume a full, balance diet within this 8-hour eating window.

7. Keep evidence of what you’re eating – if you are binging on takeaways every night, try and keep a separate black bag of all the carry out tubs and boxes at the end of the week. It may sound pedantic but counting up the cost and how many nights you ate might put you off eating out so much.

All the hacks above will help you make small improvements, but the best thing you can do is consume a balance diet and work with your Personal Trainer to help your individual needs.

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