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New Personal Training Gym Glasgow

Ricky Singh 16/11/14

It was time to JUMP and JUMP BIG!!!
Hey everyone would just like to say thanks for reading and there is a BIG storm coming to Glasgow City Centre. In January 2015 Me and my company will be opening a Brand New state of the art exclusive Personal Training gym and a Gym for 100 members to train and transform their lives under the guidance of me and my team.
Personal Training in Glasgow has something missing and I know what it is and thats why I have taken this big jump in business and I’m 100% confident I can make it happen…There is a huge gap and I am going to fill it!
The team we are going to put together to serve you is going to blow you away along with my passion and mindset. This was too big an opportunity to miss out on thats why I had to take this jump with a leap of faith, but all I’m saying is that with my renewed focus Personal Training in Glasgow will never be the same again.
Were not holding back one bit we have some of the worlds best equipment coming from all over Watson Gym Equipment, Versa Climbers, Watt Bikes you name it we will have it and if we don’t let me know and if enough of our members want it too we will then get it ordered for you all.
If you keen to get on board let me know as we are going to be very strict when we meet 100 members that will be it, there will be a waiting list and you will have to wait for a member to leave before we open new places in memberships.
If you are interested and would like to RESERVE A MEMBERSHIP NOW please contact 10734168_10205617961108180_7673817993479016729_n
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