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Negativity to Positivity (Part 1)

Ricky Singh 27/12/12

Personal Trainer Glasgow

This blog is the 1st part of a 3 part series, about how you can help improve your mindset and how you can help create the life that you really desire by just shifting from negativity to positivity.

Firstly you need to be ready for it, as you are going to have to make changes and get out of your comfort zone.

You also have to STOP

  1. Living other people’s dream
  2. Living to the demands of other
  3. Living in the past or future

You have to START living a life of fulfilment

  1. follow your heart
  2. follow your passion
  3. live a purpose driven life

That’s when you will really be able to become very successful, going to work will not feel like work because its what you love, what your work life is will be aligned with your core values this will allow you to do what you do effortlessly.

Don’t live in Fear

This can be a bit scary at times but try not to live a life full of fears, yes sometimes a little fear can be good but too much just drains us and we will never reach our full potential.

As individuals when we start to function from a state of fear, we then start to expect the worst, then what do we get the…worst case scenarios. So we had gotten everything we had expected to get because we poisoned our mind with negativity.

How about this lets start thinking more positively what will happen ?

You will start to embrace positive opportunities, positive experiences, and ultimate success or would you rather experience a life where you just live in negativity and think about all the negatives in life then…Negative is what you will get.

Start thinking about the positives and how you can make a positive impact with life then that’s when you start to get game changing results.

It’s all going to happen, you will get what you work for!!

Don’t expect to get any results or success in life, weight loss, fat loss, business or training program’s the easy way the harder you work the better the results.

It all will start to happen, when you run side by side with your fears in life and get out of your comfort zone, open up to the possibility you might fail, but then think about what practices can you put in place to help reduce the possibility of failure.

There is nothing wrong with failure, when we fail it just means that we have to learn more, train harder or experience more then come back stronger, anyone that’s says they are perfect is wrong as no one is perfect we all make mistakes and we all can come back from them too, what makes us different is how we comeback from them and that’s what separates some of the really successful people in life.

People fail and learn from it and take with them the experience and what not to do next time…because when you have the drive to be a success there is always going to be a Next Time.

Part 2 coming soon :)


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