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New Personal Training Studio

Ricky Singh 12/07/13



I hope you are very well and sorry that I have not managed to keep up with regular blog posts as I have been very  busy securing my first Personal Training Studio in the heart of the Business District in Glasgow City Centre.

It was really the next move for me. I was really unhappy working where I was. So enough was enough I had to get out so I was alerted of space at The Pentagon Centre in the Business District of Glasgow City Centre.

I decided I had to take the next step in my business.

I have always been looking closely at what’s happening in London, America and Dubai, amongst others. I see these places as miles ahead of Scotland in terms of world class personal training.

So I’m going to bring Elite Personal Training to Scotland.

Since starting out as a personal trainer I have not seen a place that’s really wowed me and made me feel I really love this place, so it’s a huge step to take on my first dedicated studio. This is only the beginning  – its going to get bigger and better.

This would not have been possible without all of my clients.  I cant thank you enough for helping make this all possible because without your support I would not have been able to take this step…So thank you very very much.

I have decided that I’m going to make my studio elite and exclusive for my clients. It’s going to be completely private not like a big commercial gyms where it’s so busy and you feel like you’re just another number. It will not be a crowded bootcamp either.

Our group training will be small groups of up to 10 people.

The turning point for me was on 18th May in London. My friend Jean Pierre De Villers told me to make my Business into a Harrods type operation (in terms of quality). He said I needed to get out of a rugby club and I should offer my elite personal training services in elite surroundings.

So that’s what I did and now I’m sitting in my studio office writing this blog and the feeling is amazing. I can’t tell you how happy I am.

I am looking forward with great excitement and setting goals for the next few years for both my personal and business life, as there will be other studios to follow.

My Dream has always been to deliver a World Class service to my clients and to be one of Britain’s best personal trainer/coaches. I want to be known for inspiring people to change their lives and that is why I do what I do. I want to help inspire and transform YOUR life because I’m really passionate about what I do.

When I work with you, my aim will always be to transform all aspects of your life – your Mindset, and from that, your Fitness levels, general Health, and your Stress and Energy levels.

I’m still inspired by the Sunday Times cut out I have of London’s exclusive Personal Trainer Matt Roberts, I cut an article out of the paper when doing my weekend job a few years ago and I still have it on my bedroom wall and I see this every morning (useful tip for you all – keep your goals visible !!)

I expect Ricky Singh to be as well known in Scotland as Matt Roberts is in London

But this is my blog too much about Matt :) ,

I really want to thank you all – my clients and everyone who knows me and has worked with me in the past. Each and  everyone of you were part of making my dream come true.

You all will be very excited as I am also thinking of where the next studio will be… but it’s too early to start dropping hints but it will happen believe me :).
If you are ever passing by please pop in and see me at the new studio and I will be happy to show you around and if you have ever trained with me before or know anyone looking to transform their life please pop in and I will offer you a COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINUTE SESSION PERSONALLY WITH ME.

If you are as committed to change as I am to helping you, then we will transform your life.

Let’s get you booked in for a consultation because there a strategy around personal and fitness transformation and you can’t do it on your own – you need a coach.

I myself have a boxing coach, fitness coach, business coach and mentors that help me work on my own mindset, and I need them to ensure I always keep moving forward.

As I move forward, then ……obviously…….all my customers will follow. As my journey towards world class continues, then you will experience world class results.

BUT, it needs one tiny step from you – make the call, and arrange your consultation

And finally….thank you again.

Ricky Singh – We are just getting started ;)

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