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Meet Kieron Reilly and Iain Davidson – Ricky Singh Personal Training

Ricky Singh 06/05/13

Glasgow Personal Trainer

Hi ladies and gents

hope you are all well and have had a great weekend, just before the weekend I asked all my clients 4 questions which were

1. What were things like before we worked together ?
2. Any reservations before we started working together ?
3. What has working with me been like ?
4. Whats the 1 Best result you have gotten so far ?

Here are 2 of the responses I have had from clients Iain Davidson and Kieron Reilly:


Kieron Reilly Testimonial

1. I had pretty much given up on exercise since I’d started my new job, telling myself was I was too tired in the evenings pretty much ended my gym membership and I’d given up playing my regular 5’s game on a Tuesday and a Thursday. It was after about 6 months I’d realized I had piled on the pounds and let myself go a bit.

2. I had heard from people in work about Ricky’s classes and I could see from my boss and how he’d transformed his life physically and mentally that this could help me get back on track so I never had any reservations about contacting Ricky.

3. Since I started doing Ricky’s classes I’ve completely changed my routine. With Ricky’s help I’ve started to eat a lot healthier, I’ve cut out drinking during the week, I have been sleeping and feeling a lot healthier in general. I’ve taken up my 5’s game again and it really just makes you feel a lot better about yourself. Ricky also supplied me with a gym routine for when I’m not doing his classes and a plan of supplements, so I think that shows just how much he cares about his clients.

4. I hadn’t set any goals to begin with and quickly realized that having a goal was key to achieving something. I set myself the target of dropping my waist size down from a 32 to a 30 in time for my cousins wedding. I gave myself 6 weeks to do this and with my eating plan, Ricky’s training and routines I absolutely smashed it and lost 9 pounds! My next goal is to lower my body fat below 20% and I’m 1000% sure Ricky is the guy to help me get there.


Iain Davidson Testimonial

1) eating lots of lovely mouthwatering foods and no exercise.
2)I was scared I would have heart attack.
3) an absolute pleasure mate coz you’re a star.
4) lost stone and half in six weeks and 4″ from waist………….. You’ve taught me a lot about nutrition that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life…………… YOU ROCK RICKY !! X


Here I have had two testimonials and lots more to come also, stuff like this makes my Career the best career in the world I get to help clients and people I love everyday Transform their Life….Priceless

Ricky Singh (BSc Hons)

Award Winning Personal Training Glasgow

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