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M10 Fitness Internship

Ricky Singh 18/05/15

If you are looking to transform your body and you’re looking for someone who knows this area in depth look no further.

I recently completed a 2 day fat loss internship at M10 Fitness, where I was tutored by Mark Coles, one of the UK’s leading body transformation specialists.


Fat loss and weight loss are very different, when a client comes to me with a goal of weight loss I always ask how do you want to look? Skinny and fat? Strong and toned? Or a marathon runner or a sprinter? You can probably visualize there is a big difference between the types!

This is all due to different types of nutrition and training. Hormones play a big part as well, as well as your body type.

Counting calories and low fat diets belong in the past.

We don’t do diets here and I help clients change the way they think about food and exercise. You’ll probably end up eating more than you probably do just now and you will need to have certain amounts of fat in your diet.

Fat is not a ‘bad guy’ – all foods and macronutrients are needed. What’s important is the timing, it’s about when you eat, not just what you eat.

In today’s world more people go to the gym than ever before, but we don’t see huge transformations and you may have to look at the type of training and the diet individuals follow these days.

When we look to lose weight we’re used to thinking in terms of calories-in versus calories-out. This is correct to a certain degree, but the calorie model has flaws when a client is seeking body change or long term body change. Even many short term diets still leave an individual looking skinny and fat. Studies show that 66% of people who are on diets that lose weight end up fatter than they were when they started the diet.

A healthy diet is not a fat loss diet because most diets allow sugar and it’s the ratio of the carbs, protein and fat in the food that is going to determine which signal is sent to the brain – is it a fat loss or fat storing signal? Hormones are the messengers that tell the body to burn fat.

When we are told to eat less we get hungry and crave the foods most diets forbid. The goal is to eat smarter and more of the right stuff.

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