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Innate Well Being

Ricky Singh 11/09/13


At the weekend I was on a 2 day NLP Seminar with Celebrity Life Coach Ali Campbell. We were covering a lot of topics, one that stood out the most was when he spoke of Innate Well Being.


He spoke of it as Innate being your inner Diamond and Outer being a Veneer (cover up), he said that a lot of people spend their entire life trying to please the outer veneer to what everybody sees but not the inner diamond (your true happiness).
People tend to lose themselves polishing there veneers to other peoples, but when all they are doing is trying to compare their innate (inner diamond) to another persons Veneer (outer) this comparison will never be possible as no ones inner diamond is never the same.
Its ok to have a good Veneer and have good things e.g. cars, money, clothes, shoes, bags but only if you don’t let them define who you are as a person because if you start getting attached to the THINGS they own you and ruin Lives, because all you really have is your inner diamond and when shine light on a diamond it don’t need NO POLISHING only veneers do.
Be the best you and don’t fall for Bullshit and don’t ever judge people on Veneers look for diamonds and find a diamond you will become very rich Inside Out.
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