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How Do I Choose the Right Personal Trainer?

Ricky Singh 30/12/18

Personal Trainer Glasgow

As the year draws to a close, January brings new resolutions and the opportunity to take a good look at your fitness for the year ahead. Below are my top considerations when choosing a Personal Trainer.

My first piece of advice would be to trust your gut instinct as it’s usually right. You should get a good idea of his or her experience, knowledge and track record from their website and social media.

You have to make sure you are the right fit for one other as he or she will help you reach your goals but they will also keep you feeling comfortable, motivated and inspired throughout the whole training process. 

It is so important that you find a trainer that is professional and will keep you accountable on a weekly basis. Your trainer will maximise your time at the gym so you don’t waste time on pointless exercise. They should also help you prevent injuries and most importantly help you attain consistent results. 

There is a fine balance when investing in your health and the Personal Trainer you go on to choose should harness the same health and fitness beliefs as you and should apply a methodology around their training schedule for you.

Experience is vital 

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect so ensure you find a trainer who has a number of years of experience. I would say the more the better, the more experience your trainer has the more likely they have helped someone similar to you. I have of over 8 years of experience and in that time have worked with over 500 clients. This has allowed me to meet and understand the varying needs of people and how to best help them achieve their goals. I don’t believe in standardised training programmes as no two people or two metabolisms are the same. Everything I do as a Personal Trainer within Glasgow is personalised.

Reputation is key

The best compliment a trainer can receive is referrals and testimonials. Reading about clients real experiences will allow you understand how they came to to start and end their journey with that trainer. Google and Facebook reviews as well as website testimonials will help in your decision making. If you wish to know more about my client journeys, you can see all our reviews via the links above.

Methodology and Thought Process 

How does he or she get the desired results for their clients and how are they going to achieve that with you? My experience has taught me that some clients enjoy HIIT training, whilst others prefer a strength training approach. There is no right or wrong, it is entirely depend on what you want your body to achieve. The general consensus is that exercise is boring and draining however I can  help you find the correct programme so you truly enjoy each session.

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