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Full Body Transformation

Transform your body - Transform your life


Our Full Body Transformation package is the ultimate transformation package available is Scotland. It has one aim and this is to completely transform your life. Nothing comes close to the results and service we deliver with this program, it’s totally unique and will be designed around your goals and needs.

During this program, we work together every day focusing on transforming all fitness areas from nutrition and exercise, to sleep and stress levels. We take every aspect of your lifestyle and help you improve it.

This program will change your life forever an is ideal for individuals who are ready for an long term life transformation.

Program Includes: Personal training, nutrition coaching, exercise coaching, monthly body fat testing, monthly fitness testing, food diary analysis, goal setting, supplement protocols, and before/after photos.

Training is tailored to your exact needs to make sure you meet and exceed you goals.

Through a combination of a healthy balanced diet, and exercise sessions, I started to see results very quickly and have never felt stronger or healthier. Each training session I did was unique and Ricky kept it fresh every time. He provides the right combination of encouragement and pressure to help in getting maximum benefit. I am thoroughly enjoying the sessions and can feel and see the results every week which makes me even more motivated to keep going. -Kash Iqbal

How it Works

Your full body transformation starts with a consultation which lasts roughly one hour. This is to ensure that you are suitable for this transformation package. Once the initial discussion has taken place, we ill schedule your discovery session.

The Discovery Session will last roughly 90 minutes and during this time you will complete all your assessments and questionnaires. Following this, you will complete a body fat assessment and fitness assessment. This session gives us an opportunity to address any questions you may have.

Who is it for?

The perfect client for the FBT package is someone who has never exercised or is too afraid to enter a gym. Clients that benefit most from this program are total beginners that have not exercised for months or maybe even years. A typical client for the FBT could be an MD, CEO or Celebrity looking for exclusivity, and a much more personalised training experience.

Is it for me?

We have a high selection criteria for this program therefore it is not easy for everyone to sign up for this package. To become a FBT client you have to be willing to work very hard and value training at one of Scotland’s best performance gyms, where high quality training is a standard.

We Care

We care about all of our clients and aim to deliver the highest level of service from the minute you walk into the gym from the time your not at the gym, to moments in which you are battling with fast food and social lives. We understand the need for support during such an intense program and our team are dedicated to aiding you in your fitness success.


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*Application Only

(please email for a application to apply for our full body transformation program as places for this program are strictly limited)

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Personal training is carried out in the excellent facilities at The Sinclair Building, 18-20 Eagle Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9XA.

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