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6 Week Body Transformation

Our slimmer 6 week version of our popular full transformation package



“The Joy of 6” provides life changing results if you need to transform your tired under performing body then this package is for you.

This 6 week process allows us to tap into all the knowledge our team have gained over the years and formulate your unique blueprint for fat loss.


This program comes with a guarantee…to change your life forever.

Program Includes:

weekly personal training

nutrition and exercise coaching

weekly body fat analysis

monthly fitness test and progress review

food diary analysis

How it works?
The Joy of 6 package starts with a consultation and fitness assessment to ensure that you are ready to start exercising.

Once we have completed the consultation and fitness assessment we then set out your 6 week individualised training program.

This will allow us to set weekly targets and produce a very clear detailed path towards your goals

Who is it for?
The 6 week program is popular for clients who have a wedding, holiday or big life event to prepare for or if you are in desperate need of taking your tired, non performing body to the next level this program is for you.

We Care…
We care about all of our clients and aim to deliver the highest level of service from the minute you walk into the gym from the time your not at the gym, to moments in which you are battling with fast food and social lives.

We understand the need for support during such an intense program therefore we have an all round encompassing approach where we focus on client education, motivation and empowerment, during our sessions therefore we don’t charge per the hour like lawyers do we charge on the results we deliver and the education and empowerment provided.

We give you the Power to succeed.

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Personal training is carried out in the excellent facilities at The Sinclair Building, 18-20 Eagle Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9XA.

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