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Fat Loss v Weight Loss

Ricky Singh 08/02/18

Welcome to our blog Fat Loss v Weight Loss, my name is Ricky Singh, I’m a Personal Trainer based in Glasgow. I have ran an elite personal training studio for just over 4 years. My vision for the business is to be one of, if not the best Personal Training Company in Glasgow and then Scotland.

I hope you find my following blog helpful and if you would like me to write about any other topics please leave a comment.

When is comes to losing weight, weight loss and fat loss are 2 completely different processes.

People that are focussing on weight loss tend to use only scale weight to measure and track progress which can mean that there is no understanding for muscle, fat mass and water.

When you look at fat loss measuring muscle, weight and fat are very important. Looking at Muscle, fat and water will give you a completely different out look on the process it takes to improve your body composition.

When you lose weight and fat mass stays the same your not really improving anything in fact you could be doing harm by losing muscle and water.

When it comes to losing fat if your losing fat but weight is staying the same this could be due to improved muscle mass, improved hydration levels, following this process will help improve your body composition and leave you with less body fat which will leave you with a healthier body because your Losing Fat!

Fat Loss

– decreased body fat
– Improved body composition
– Proper nutrition habits
– Increased metabolism

Weight Loss

– decreased muscle tissue
– Poor physique improvements
– Poor eating habits
– Slower metabolism

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