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Small Group Personal Training

A motivating group dynamic


Our Glasgow based small group personal training sessions are extremely popular. These varied sessions always gain clients fantastic results and we find many continue training this way for an extended period of time.

Our training methods are specifically designed to help you move better, improve your fitness and develop your strength. All clients that have followed our unique training program achieve life changing results whether that be to get fit, tone up or or burn unwanted body fat.

Our small group personal training sessions take place in Glasgow City Centre and are limited  to 6 per group . Smaller numbers mean better results and less injuries. With a small collective group we can train far better and give clients a personalised approach whilst still providing a fun and dynamic experience that is tailored to your goals. Our 2500 sq ft gym in Glasgow provides all our members 150 sq ft of personal training space – this means you have your own equipment and there is no need to share. Think of this as your own little gym within a gym.

Getting fit and losing weight should not be a daunting process. Instead, it should be one that you look forward to and is driven by your trainer, your gym community and our stringent processes that ensure you have support no matter where in the journey you are. In addition to our training, we provide nutritional coaching, InBody scanning and weekly and monthly check ins. You will never feel alone or stuck – it is our sole purpose to ensure you reach and exceed your goals.

Not convinced yet? Why not test us by joining our 30 day trial. This includes:

  • Your initial consultation
  • 12 small group training sessions
  • Access to our fitness classes
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Goal setting review
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Private Facebook group
  • RS Welcome pack

Offer price:  £169


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Personal training is carried out in the excellent facilities at The Sinclair Building, 18-20 Eagle Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9XA.

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