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Don't have time to train at a gym, Well train at a time that suits you


Welcome to the RS Fitness Hybrid Coaching programme. This programme is for clients that cant manage to get to a gym multiple times per week but can attend 1 maybe even 2 sessions per month, however need the accountability and support of an experienced coach.

Therefore thats why we have decided to design a hybrid coaching program that will help our clients get better results by removing one of the biggest barriers there is which is Time. However this does not mean you don’t have to do any exercise, you do but you can do the bespoke programme we design for you from your home as it will be mainly designed around bodyweight or can be designed by what equipment you have available.

What we do ?

We will together pick 1 or 2 sessions per month where you will be required to check into the gym and have your InBody Body Composition scan taken, and go over any sticking points your having with your program, after your check-in with your coach your will go through any issues your having with your training or nutrition and come up with solutions.

All of your sessions are required to be recorded using a Polar H7 Bluetooth Monitor this we will track every calorie burned on a monthly basis.

We may ask you to take progress pictures for your own records as this will be the best reference to change in body composition on a monthly basis also this helps increase your motivation on a monthly basis.

Being part of our hybrid coaching program will also give you exclusive access to our high performance equipment thats available for hire on a monthly basis.

The cost of the Remote Coaching Program will be

£175 per month with 1 gym session per month
£225 per month with 2 gym sessions per month

Whats Included

* Accountability checks via Skype/Email/Messenger
* Access to our InBody Scanner during your visit to the gym
* Monthly RS Gym Session
* Structured nutrition program that fits your busy lifestyle
* Training Program to follow at your home or gym
* Weekly Check-In via email/messenger
* you will also receive 50% discount on any of our hire equipment

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Personal training is carried out in the excellent facilities at The Sinclair Building, 18-20 Eagle Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 9XA.

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