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Commit 2B Fit Personal Training in Glasgow

Ricky Singh 19/03/13


Commit 2B Fit 

We live in a society where as individuals we have difficulty committing to long term goals. The societal issue really comes to the forefront when talking about individuals and fitness.

Take a look at society there are far too many distractions with social media, iPads, iPhones, Blackberrys beeping all the time, seriously when does it stop?

With so many things going on in life its even more difficult to make your fitness a priority, we all work very very hard to keep our financial situations stable but we never stop to check how our energy is doing, or do you even know if it will run out you probably under the illusion it wont.

Working hard and trying to keep up to date with all leisure activities could come at a price…the price of ones fitness.

I know that from experience its the 1st thing to go when work gets hard is the “Fitness” because many individuals just don’t see the link they never commit for any length of time to see any significant results. Its hard for these type of clients to commit as its easy to blame a trainer for not getting you the results quick enough but come on seriously did you commit 100% ?

Did you deserve them inches off your waist did you sacrifice and give up the things that were putting the things on in the first place ?

I find that some clients really struggle to commit to fitness they either do it and achieve fantastic results or they have NO time at all for their fitness goals. Its just an afterthought when its compared to keeping up with finances or keeping up to date with your social circles, then throw in the nutritional commitment its just far too much of a time commitment as well as a mental burden.


Did you know 50% or more of the population cant go 1 hour without checking phones, iPads, Blackberrys etc thats sad when you think of the percentage of the population that is overweight, obese and suffer from low energy its just a simple question what are the priorities in life.

I can assure individuals if they are not making time for some sort of fitness stimulation minimum 3 times per week they will be making time for illness in the future.

“make time for fitness or you will have to make time for illness” Robin Sharma 

I tell all my clients this quote as I think its a fantastic quote and it puts a bit of heavy emphasis of just how important it is to be fit, not for only mental reasons but for reducing stress as well.

Strategies to help

  • Share your goals with friends and family
  • Blog about your journey to your
  • Enter a challenge maybe you need a work challenge or some extra motivation to get the best from you
  • Give yourself and incentive to achieve that goal

To help Commit to a regular fitness programme, we offer sessions on a monthly basis to ensure you maintain your fitness levels and ensure you make the time to look after your health on a regular basis, whether it be 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a week, I ensure that you have regular sessions pre booked every week to avoid falling into periods no activity. Booking a regular sessions ensure you will never miss out on your fitness and ensure you prioritise your health, as your health is your true wealth.


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