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The Guide to Heart Rate Monitoring – Glasgow Personal Training

Ricky Singh 06/07/17

Heart Rate Operator App

As the market is flooded with the latest and trendiest looking gadgets it’s hard to find out which gadget is best for you and most suited for your goals and your intended use.
Here at RS Fitness we highly recommend the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor which we use daily with our clients.
Reasons we choose …

Online Coaching Program

Ricky Singh 18/05/15

Don’t be someone who runs miles on a treadmill or sweats buckets on a crosstrainer and wonders why they still can’t fit in that pair of jeans.
Training on your own will only get you so far.
To get the long lasting results you want, it’s essential your programme includes an element of coaching.
Your body gets used …

Biosignature Assessment

Ricky Singh 18/05/15

The Biosignature Assessment is very important when working with clients who are looking to achieve weight loss. Using a unique state of the art method we look to improve your lifestyle and leave you looking leaner, feeling re energised and living happier life.
This cutting edge assessment will give you your hormonal blueprint for fat loss forever.
The Biosignature Assessment is based on the correlation between …

M10 Fitness Internship

Ricky Singh 18/05/15

If you are looking to transform your body and you’re looking for someone who knows this area in depth look no further.
I recently completed a 2 day fat loss internship at M10 Fitness, where I was tutored by Mark Coles, one of the UK’s leading body transformation specialists.

Fat loss and weight loss are very different, when …

New Personal Training Gym Glasgow

Ricky Singh 16/11/14


It was time to JUMP and JUMP BIG!!!

Hey everyone would just like to say thanks for reading and there is a BIG storm coming to Glasgow City Centre. In January 2015 Me and my company will be opening a Brand New state of the art exclusive Personal Training gym and a Gym for 100 members …

Aspiring Business Suit

Ricky Singh 16/08/13


Here is my client Daniel Grandfield
We met 7 weeks ago I met Dan for a consultation and Dan was not happy I thought he was a bit hard on himself, but after going through some of the things Dan was telling me, he just wasn’t sure or clear on what to focus on with regards …

21 Day Body Transformation

Ricky Singh 20/06/13


Client Testimonial
I was introduced to Ricky Singh by a work colleague and its totally transformed my attitude and thoughts on nutrition and my outlook on life in just 3 weeks…………
I have started numerous diets all my life and lost few pound and stopped, Since meeting Ricky he has changed my thoughts and my out look …

Meet Kieron Reilly and Iain Davidson – Ricky Singh Personal Training

Ricky Singh 06/05/13

Glasgow Personal Trainer

Hi ladies and gents
hope you are all well and have had a great weekend, just before the weekend I asked all my clients 4 questions which were
1. What were things like before we worked together ?
2. Any reservations before we started working together ?
3. What has working with me been like ?
4. Whats the 1 …

Track the Miles

Ricky Singh 16/04/13


The tracks of my miles
Do you have a workout soundtrack?
It is well known that listening to music while exercising can benefit training and performance: a good track can push your performance on, distract your mind, lead you to accept – even prefer – a greater degree of effort. It’s the power of carefully chosen tunes…
So, …

Training Principles for Success

Ricky Singh 05/04/13


The Key to success in any training programme is Consistency, success is the accumulation of the small things you do every single day. A few good days of training hard followed by a few bad days of eating rubbish and no training does not equal a net gain of the few good days you just …

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