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New Personal Training Studio

Ricky Singh 12/07/13


I hope you are very well and sorry that I have not managed to keep up with regular blog posts as I have been very  busy securing my first Personal Training Studio in the heart of the Business District in Glasgow City Centre.
It was really the next move for me. I was really unhappy working …

You Cant afford Not to Exercise – Glasgow Personal Training

Ricky Singh 11/04/13


“Working out will improve not only your waistline, but your bottom line too”
As a business owner from CEO, MD and director levels you probably find yourself fighting the balancing act everyday with customers, marketing, employees, and business development, let alone family, friends, and personal stuff.
With all this responsibility, you find it impossible to fit in …

Top Tips when looking for a Personal Trainer in Glasgow

Ricky Singh 09/03/13

My Top Tips when hiring a personal trainer
1. Do some solid research google them see what google says about them as Penny Power the social media guru says “whatever google says about you is true” so if you google Ricky Singh Personal Training you will find lots of press regarding my boxing career in papers …

Fitness 4 Business

Ricky Singh 09/03/13


Here is a Press Release I had in 2012 calling all business owners to get themselves Fit.
Highly rated boxer is urging Scotland’s top business men and women to shape up and fight their way through the double dip recession.
Ricky Singh, 25, started his elite personal training business after a serious hand injury knocked out his …

Refer and Reward

Ricky Singh 18/01/13

Personal Trainer Glasgow

Hey hope you are well and thank you for taking time to read this blog, its just a quick blog to announce my Referral incentive. I have been aware that a lot of my clients find me through Referral, so I have decided to share some love and give rewards for referrals.
I think its a …


Ricky Singh 30/12/12

Personal Training Glasgow

Im taking this time to look back on what a year 2012 has been. Im not going to lie and say how great it has been and its been easy, Yes its probably been best year in business but its been very tough and challenging at times.
Im still here though I got through it all, …

Negativity to Positivity (Part 1)

Ricky Singh 27/12/12

Personal Trainer Glasgow

This blog is the 1st part of a 3 part series, about how you can help improve your mindset and how you can help create the life that you really desire by just shifting from negativity to positivity.
Firstly you need to be ready for it, as you are going to have to make changes and …

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