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Best in Class Personal Training in Glasgow

Ricky Singh 08/03/13

When choosing  to train with a personal trainer cost is a huge factor because you think you will be training with the trainer forever and you are thinking of the long haul. It really should not be that way you should see great results training 3 to 4 times a week in about 3 to 4 months or sooner.

You should not be expecting to have a personal trainer for a long period of time unless you really enjoy the experience and you have achieved your results, I say achieved your results because you personal trainer really has to deliver and get you the results you want.

Depending of the type of training you are looking for whether it be cheap or premium price for a top level personal trainer in Glasgow you should look to pay around £50 a session maybe even £60 depending on their education and development but this is really for the Best in Class Experience, I know trainers charging from £30 to £45 and there is nothing wrong with that. However I myself deliver a Best in its Class Experience and I have to charge accordingly.

Training with me clients get all the little extras that other trainers find difficult to give away as they don’t have the  business capability to be able to service their clients with a best in class experience,

what to expect with the best in class

  • A trainer that’s in regular contact, cares and looks after you
  • Results driven trainer
  • Knows how to connect with you and get the best from you
  • knows your limits
  • Never has the clock ticking (you should be made to feel like a priority)
  • Gifts maybe a birthday or Christmas gift
  • regular contact and support

these are just some things a best in class trainer should be providing however there should be more and there are more I use in my business but one very important message I must say is you should never feel like a number of a unit or an hour on a trainers diary , as a trainer you should never measure how good you are you should measure your success by how many ways you can improve a clients lift and you success will be linked accordingly with how many lives you change.

I aim to WOW my clients and exceed their expectations of a personal trainer I aim to deliver more than expected and do the business stuff very well and that’s what makes e different because really its the full package, can you deliver on all cylinders ?

My Answer is yes I can ;)

My before and afters of current clients and with my knowledge and expertise I’m training blows clients away, clients see results with me instantly which is amazing

But it does cost more to train with me but if you

  • believe what I believe
  • breathe what I breathe
  • see the world in the same way as me

Then you will be looking for a premium package and I can deliver that for you and over exceed your expectations, in today’s word the only way to be super successful is to be able change as many lives as you possibly can and if you give enough people what they want you will always have what you want

Thanks for reading if you would like anymore information or to book your consultation please get in touch.


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