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Back on the Road

Ricky Singh 26/10/15

Hey Guys

Now felt like the right time to blog about my latest personal developments. 2015 has been a busy year to say the least and my new gym, RS Fitness is fast approaching its 11 month anniversary. Located in the Sinclair Building, Glasgow city centre, I am so proud of how the gym has evolved and become a institution for clients look to train and change their lifestyles for the better.

Looking back at the empty shell I started with last December, the gym now consists of Watson gym equipment – a world renowned manufacturer of bespoke fitness machines. Looking at my peers, I knew Watson was the best manufacturer for an exclusive personal training gym and looking ahead, I will continue investing in such equipment for my loyal clients.

Along with the constant development of the gym, I had always wanted to take part in Tom Crudginton’s Body Development Mentorship program, and this year I had the opportunity to do so. Easing myself into a new form of training, I decided it be best to attend his infamous one day bootcamp and after a busy week, an overnight bus to London Victoria, underground to Paddington and a train to Bath Spa, I finally made it. An intense day of training was an understatement, I was mentally and physically exhausted upon my arrival home but what I learned was invaluable and I created a similar program for new and existing clients looking to kick start their fitness journey. With the success of my first bootcamp in July, I now aim to to run one bi- monthly.

Throughout the course of the mentorship program, I have been taught the newest and most effective methods of training which have not only made a huge impact on my fitness but have pushed me to regularly create new and exciting programs for my client. I have formed a friendship with Tom and he has once again fuelled my ambitious to continuously reinvent myself and the service I offer. This year has been stressful and draining at times but the support and encouragement received from others during the program has been nothing but inspiring.

Last weekend was the final session for this year and although exhausted, I was full of pride and adrenaline, so much so that I knew I wanted to sign up to next year’s AOM Mentorship. The advice and encouragement offered by Tom and others at the course was enough to make my decision. With 7 weekends next year committed to both personal and business development, I know my clients will receive a unique approach to training and nutrition management. As Benjamin Franklin wisely said ” an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest “.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my progress and sharing my new experiences in both training plans and knowledge.


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