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Aspiring Business Suit

Ricky Singh 16/08/13



Here is my client Daniel Grandfield

We met 7 weeks ago I met Dan for a consultation and Dan was not happy I thought he was a bit hard on himself, but after going through some of the things Dan was telling me, he just wasn’t sure or clear on what to focus on with regards to exercise, nutrition and mindset. Dan had looked at a few other personal trainers in Glasgow too but decided to train with me after hearing about me and the results I have got for my clients consistently.

After 6 weeks of training here is Dan, hes lost 5.5kg of weight and has lost body fat and has gained lean muscle mass and he is feeling on top of the world.

This might just be a picture but it has a special meaning for me and Dan, he told me this morning that the suit was an aspirational buy just over a year ago, and now 6 weeks after training with me it fits and its fits well.

Dan deserves this He’s put in a lot of hard work with his training and its been a pleasure to help him transform his lifestyle.

I will also get Dan to send me his story but I could not wait to put the pics up because I’m really happy I have had a positive impact on a clients life.

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