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Archive for April, 2013

Track the Miles

Ricky Singh 16/04/13

The tracks of my miles
Do you have a workout soundtrack?
It is well known that listening to music while exercising can benefit training and performance: a good track can push your performance on, distract your mind, lead you to accept – even prefer – a greater degree of effort. It’s the power of carefully chosen tunes…
So, …

You Cant afford Not to Exercise – Glasgow Personal Training

Ricky Singh 11/04/13

“Working out will improve not only your waistline, but your bottom line too”
As a business owner from CEO, MD and director levels you probably find yourself fighting the balancing act everyday with customers, marketing, employees, and business development, let alone family, friends, and personal stuff.
With all this responsibility, you find it impossible to fit in …

Training Principles for Success

Ricky Singh 05/04/13

The Key to success in any training programme is Consistency, success is the accumulation of the small things you do every single day. A few good days of training hard followed by a few bad days of eating rubbish and no training does not equal a net gain of the few good days you just …

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