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Archive for January, 2013

Refer and Reward

Ricky Singh 18/01/13

Personal Trainer Glasgow

Hey hope you are well and thank you for taking time to read this blog, its just a quick blog to announce my Referral incentive. I have been aware that a lot of my clients find me through Referral, so I have decided to share some love and give rewards for referrals.
I think its a …

Are you eating for Weight Loss or Fat Loss ?

Ricky Singh 08/01/13

Glasgow Personal Training

As my title suggests weight loss and fat loss are totally different, and I’m going to help explain that a little better for you.
You can be exercising and burning calories, losing weight but where the weight and calories are used from may or may not be Fat. Every time we eat our body sends out …

Top tips on Goal Setting

Ricky Singh 07/01/13

Glasgow Personal Trainer

Goal Setting guest blog I did for PSYBT, Tips on how to set Goals
Glasgow based Personal Trainer Ricky Singh set up his Personal Training business in 2011 after seeking advice and support from PSYBT. ¬†With January and February being the months for setting fitness goals and resolutions, we decided to catch up with Ricky and …

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