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Archive for December, 2012


Ricky Singh 30/12/12

Personal Training Glasgow

Im taking this time to look back on what a year 2012 has been. Im not going to lie and say how great it has been and its been easy, Yes its probably been best year in business but its been very tough and challenging at times.
Im still here though I got through it all, …

Negativity to Positivity (Part 1)

Ricky Singh 27/12/12

Personal Trainer Glasgow

This blog is the 1st part of a 3 part series, about how you can help improve your mindset and how you can help create the life that you really desire by just shifting from negativity to positivity.
Firstly you need to be ready for it, as you are going to have to make changes and …

Struggling for Christmas ?

Ricky Singh 22/12/12

Let me help, I have a few ideas of gifts you can give to loved ones.
1. Personal Training
a block of Personal Training sessions at either of my training locations in Glasgow or Ayrshire, Bookings of 12 and 24 sessions available.
2. My 12 Week Coaching Program
Where you get the chance to discuss what you want and …

Fat Loss Internship with Mark Coles

Ricky Singh 13/12/12

Personal Trainer Glasgow

On completion of my Fat Loss Internship with Mark Coles of M10 Fitness
I was absolutely delighted with my internship at M10 Fitness, being able to spend time with someone like Mark is invaluable.
I always aim on giving my clients the best service possible and that in turn means, I myself must train with the best …

Anatomy in Motion Certification

Ricky Singh 13/12/12

Personal Training Glasgow

Me with Gary Ward, on the completion of my Anatomy in Motion course. It was a long hard schedule, with me travelling furthest from Scotland.
But it was an eye opening experience  that I will never forget.
Big thanks to everyone on my course and Gary Ward himself :)
Check out to see some of Gary Wards …

What Qualifications does your trainer have ?

Ricky Singh 05/12/12

To become an elite personal trainer takes hard work – even more work than my clients put in during a session! In 2007, I became qualified with my HNC/D Sport Science Qualification from college but that was just the beginning.
I have always wanted to be a personal trainer who knew it all so that I …

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